GURPS Shadowrun 4th Edition

Eat My Dust
Session 19

The party finds themselves out in the rolling hills of Texas, out in the middle of nowhere on a dirt road with their captive Loraine Wiseman. Danzo realizes they’re being tracked through Loraine and decides to halt it by possessing her.

Back to School
Session 18

The group finds out Loraine Wiseman‘s current location. She’s boarding at a private school. Her father, Mathew Wiseman, has placed her in a high security school in hopes of keeping her out of her mother’s custody and hopefully out of reach of any kidnapping attempts.

Choosing Sides
Session 17

The party decide to assist Vincent Sinclair II in settling into a new life. He’s agreed to provide them with any contacts he made as CEO to Hugo Marquette in exchange for their help.

Session 16

The party manage to destroy the other two escaping shuttles from The Williamson. They discover that Hugo is on one of the shuttles and that the survivors has taken him in a tandum jump in a Reentry Armor Unit. The party manage to capture Hugo, kill his potential rescuer and begin weighing their options by questioning Hugo and both Sinclair II and Sinclair III.

Orbital Decay
Session 15

The party begin to investigate the restricted areas of The Williamson after stabilizing Vincent Sinclair II. The party decides to investigate the restricted zones of The Williamson.

Experience Points: 3
Players Present: Allen, Alex, Chris, Jeff & Nick

Session 14

Six months have gone by and the time spent was doing small transport/security jobs for Hugo.
Slag worked with the group for awhile, but decided to depart with all his money to organize his gang. The Runners have picked up a new member <nick> who proved to be very useful in blowing stuff up.

Hugo discovers the location in Brazil of Sinclair and asked the Runners to “retrieve” him.
After landing in the city they were able to quickly locate him via some local commlinks and spy drones. In addition the group discovered a new member to their group: KiX aka Ghost Boy.
KiX had been monitoring their progress and decided to start helping along the way. After a short while the Runners were made aware of KiX’s presence and were able to corner Sinclair in an alley.

Ground Breakers
Session 13

It’s our Finale session!!!! The groundbreaking ceremony for Hugo Inc. takes place at the Portland loading docks to herald in various corporate and national partnerships to colonize and mine the numerous moons of Jupiter.

Experience Points: 100
We’ve decided to let some game time pass (one game year) and allow the characters to progress “off-screen”. I’ve decided to give the players these bonus points to further grow their Shadowrunners to epic proportions and really bring up the challenge level.
Players Present: Allen, Alex, Chris, and Jeff


Into the Water
Session 11

The party begins taking inventory of the damaged yacht. Kurt Hickley is good on his word and delivers a spoofed video of his death and posts it on Slag’s site. Knowing now that it was Darnel who set them up, they decide to set him up and capture him.

Dark Waters
Session 10

After returning to the safe house provided by Vincent Sinclair III, the group discusses their options. While monitoring their commlink feeds, they find out that the waiter who provided them with the DNA sample “died in a unfortunate accident” shortly after they left him.

Session 9

The party finds themselves escaping the destruction of the biodome’s supporting hub in a helicopter with very nervous members of the High Council. Just before making their safe escape, they finish off Slag’s enemy by crashing his rescue helicopter into him.


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