GURPS Shadowrun 4th Edition

Dark Waters

Session 10

After returning to the safe house provided by Vincent Sinclair III, the group discusses their options. While monitoring their commlink feeds, they find out that the waiter who provided them with the DNA sample “died in a unfortunate accident” shortly after they left him.

They are contacted by the shadowrunner they gave the DNA information to and are told that a majority of the sample is an unknown elf sample but a small portion is that of a Ork shadowrunner that disappeared over ten years ago. He informs them that he’s currently being tracked and the data he’s trying to accumulate on the unknown Ork is being destroyed as he tries to find it. The hired shadowrunner drops connection mid-sentence and they’re unable to get in touch with him afterward.

Sunny and Reeve decide to assist him in VR. After a small confrontation with their unknown trackers, they build a profile of the shadowrunner DNA that is now being presented as Larry Zincan. He’s revealed to be Max Ramella.

Shortly afterward they meet up with the widow in VR only to discover that someone is spoofing themselves to look like her and is tracking the party. After a critical failure, the unknown trackers manage to get the location of the party. They quickly pack up and leave. They attempt to contact Rex and end up talking to Dibrett Farcutter. Deciding they can’t trust him they hold onto their information and take a job provided by Darnel.

They set out to recover the yacht and confirm the kill initiated by the fleshbots in Pound of Flesh. They find the boat, power dead and slowly circling in the water. The surviving fleshbots attempt to kill them and it’s soon discovered that the owner of the boat, Kurt Hickley, is still alive. They’re told by Kurt that Darnel owed a man by the name of Rolando Philipe. He gives the party a packet of information with evidence of Darnel working out a deal with Rolando to “dismantle” the party as payment for the destroyed helicopter Darnel borrowed.

They cut a deal with Kurt that lets him live and a chance to take revenge on Darnel at the cost of his boat. He agrees.

The session ended with the party cleaning up the yacht and taking care of the women on a fleshbot contract.

Experience Points: 5
Players Present: Allen, Alex, Chris, and Jeff


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