GURPS Shadowrun 4th Edition


Session 9

The party finds themselves escaping the destruction of the biodome’s supporting hub in a helicopter with very nervous members of the High Council. Just before making their safe escape, they finish off Slag’s enemy by crashing his rescue helicopter into him.

While in route to a secure location the High Council spokesmen, the Sasquatch, agree to owing each of the party a favor in return for saving them.

They finalize their agreement to find a means of controlling the High Prince and part ways with the party borrowing the helicopter.

The group establish a local base of operations (thanks to Vincent Sinclair III) and begin researching into the High Prince Larry Zincan. After 24 hours of digging they learn that he isn’t an Ork, his supposed children (one boy and one girl) are adopted, and he is loosely connected to the Elven Elders through various contacts.

Meanwhile, Darnel sends Slag a gift out of the blue. He sends him a heavily modified Rover Model 2068.

Reeve contacts his estate manager and arranges a meeting of his own with Larry. He quickly informs Larry of what the three Council Members are intending and makes his way back to base. He doesn’t inform the party of anything he’s done.

Afterward, the party makes a connection with the widow of a man believed to have been killed for the information he had on Larry. A meeting is arranged for later in the evening while the group heads out and attempt to get a DNA sample of Larry. They manage to secure a sample and sent it off to have it tested through a contact.

Experience Points: 4
Players Present: Allen, Alex, Chris, and Jeff

I gots ’em…dat fukin troll iz finely DEDD! so ceck it…we wux flyin way nd i shooted da copter dwn wit bad asz canun..BIG DA BOOMA HAHAHAHAHAHAH copter smashd in da wal crushin da uter boss.

gots new pad ta chill, gots nwe armer frum sasquatch leads of da litle elfies…he owd me afta I save ass in da tuwer. itz sweet armer..shiny an i can shit in it..nver takin it ofs agan!

darnel give me sum nice ride…stil done liek hum…haz spiney on weelz thou…

guyz du sum stuped shit nd plan stuff… I chip.
they tel me to rid to place fur elfzie princ guy…neds glas fur sumtin..guyz r stoopid sumtim…
I fuk wit da cops…mak em scareded..HAHAHAHAH

guyz tel me ta get glas frum litle elf boy en alley…scard hum to!!! HAHHAHA elfsies suk!!
rid home..chip fur night

After the meeting, and convincing the three princes for favors for getting them out of the area to safety, I have my retainer set up a meeting with High Prince Zincan. I managed to convince the others that my lead will be juicy (and it is a good thing too, because they were discussing kidnapping and such). I plan on using the High Prince to foil the former Council that has hooks into the at least one of the three Princes, but before the meeting the others discover something: Zincan is not an Ork, but an Elf. I can’t believe that I didn’t see the possibility especially since they have done it before with Ehram. Unfortunately this means I am committed to my path. With the knowledge that they are looking in my fiancials it maybe time to go to Reeve 2.0.


Alex_ adt1974

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