GURPS Shadowrun 4th Edition

Escape Velocity

Session 5

The party reaches an orbiting distance in the Transport Shuttle. They rendezvous with Hugo somewhere in orbit. He docks with the shuttle and brings with him Robby the Robot, who he hired to assist him by piloting out to the Transport Shuttle. The party wait in the luxury shuttle while Hugo and Vincent III discuss business.

They return with Vincent III and Robby the Robot. Hugo decides to head to The Williamson in the now nearly skeletal, and questionably safe, transport shuttle.

Before leaving the Williamson transport shuttle, Danzo is approached by Ghost Boy and asked to smuggle him off the network by transferring him onto the party’s commlinks.

Ghost Boy took with him a copy of the schematics for the machine built on the shuttle and gave it to the party to build.

Slag decides to stay on the small space station and takes a different flight back down to earth.

The party lands in Portland and prepare for the investment meeting.

They’re currently in the back seat of a limo on their way to the meeting in 20 minutes.

Experience Points: 4
Players Present: Alex, Chris and Allen


Alex_ Alex_

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