GURPS Shadowrun 4th Edition

Fly That Bitch!

Session 4

The party finally escape from the Evacuation Pods and begin piecing together what’s going on. Slag discovers he’s now been contracted out by his rival gang after killing more than half their members in just 24 hours. His potential assassin, Dominick, has littered the city with RFID tags with rewards on any information on his location.

Danzo confronts his astral stalker only to discover that Hugo Marquette may not have the best intentions for his hired help, Burger Guy.

With some hastily made plans, the party buys a few Activesoft chips from Tyron (“I gots Fly That Bitch and Fly That Bitch Fast. Whichu want?”) and see about borrowing a helicopter from Darnel for their escape.

With Reeve and their suspected Agent (Mr. Johnson) on their side, they manage to get access to the Renraku research facility where the shuttle is being kept.

After some quick thinking, they blast their way out of the hanger by throttling up the nuclear thrusters and Slag attaches the Helicopter’s crane onto the shuttle. Realizing the helicopter won’t escape the light drone fighters taking to the skies, they devise a new plan. The freeway is decided to be too far so they reroute to the facilities own airstrip and carry the shuttle there just in time. The helicopter goes down in flames, Slag manages to jump into the shuttle and the pilot manages a liftoff.

Experience Points: 6
Players Present: Alex, Jeff and Allen


Alex_ adt1974

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