GURPS Shadowrun 4th Edition

Gimme A Burger

Session 2

After stealing the Bio-Memory Device, the party quickly arranges a meeting with their Mr. Johnson and his mediator (“Gimme a Burger man…”). Somewhere in the confusion of finding the meetup location and avoiding Lonestar their Rigger, a known paranoid schizophrenic, disappears.

Mr. Johnson informs them they are to find a Hugo Marquette and provide him with the Bio-Memory Device. He also tells them that the data is in some sort of deep hibernation mode and he can’t seem to retrieve it at the moment. They suspect it might have something to do with the surprisingly powerful sleep spell Danzo casted the moment the Bio-Memory Device started beeping at them with a flashing red light.

Reeve manages to find Hugo Marquette at the Sanjuanita and they quickly make their way to the Enclave. They manage to get access and are expected. Danzo notices he is being watched and followed by someone in the Astral Plane but they never approach and disappear when he attempts to.

When they make it to the 170th floor penthouse, they meet Hugo and he begins retrieving as much of the information on the device as possible. They’re interrupted by Renraku Enforcers storming the floor. Knowing they have no way to go but up, they make their way to the Evacuation Pods a few floors up.

The party left off with The Face gaining access to the Evacuation Pods’ controller node.

Experience Points: 5
Players Present: Alex, Jeff and Allen


Alex_ adt1974

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