GURPS Shadowrun 4th Edition

Into the Water

Session 11

The party begins taking inventory of the damaged yacht. Kurt Hickley is good on his word and delivers a spoofed video of his death and posts it on Slag’s site. Knowing now that it was Darnel who set them up, they decide to set him up and capture him.

They contact him and make arrangements for the exchange of the yacht. Darnell sends a team of “repair guys” on a boat from Rolando Philipe‘s ship along with a submerged strike force ready to take the party. The party strikes first and decides to make their escape while tracking the container ship. They track Darnell’s location on the container ship and teleport him off the ship to a waiting drone in the water where they quickly recover him.

On board the Oculus, they drag Darnell’s badly injured body on the ship and begin interrogating him for any information he may have.

Experience Points: 3
Players Present: Allen, Alex, Chris, and Jeff


Alex_ Alex_

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