GURPS Shadowrun 4th Edition

Meet Mr. Johnson

Session 1

The party quickly assembles after receiving messages via commlinks that their services are being requested.

They meet at a local fast food joint where they are approached by a chiphead. He gives tells them to buy him a burger and sets down an active commlink on the table. The party quickly network their commlinks and their Mr. Johnson joins them at the table.

He tells them he needs them to steal a large memory device. He also tells them that the device requires a constant power source and must not lose power at any time. He offers them a bonus based off of how quickly they can recover it. When they hear the bonus, they decide no time is better than now.

They come up with a plan to hijack the device in route when they discover it’s being transferred to a larger research facility.

When they arrive with the company van Renraku hired to transport it, Slag quickly discovers the Shadowrunners hired out to protect the device are from a rival gang. All hell breaks loose on the freeway as their Rigger attempts to lose or kill any of their pursuers once it’s discovered they’re stealing it.

Danzo manages to cast an incredibly powerful sleep spell on the two Shadowrunners in the back of the truck. Reeve tails the truck driving their Rigger’s van as he finishes off a few gang members who were thrown out of the truck.

They make their escape after a daring freeway fishtail and feeder exit. The sirens can heard in the distance as they call their Burger Guy to inform him they have the device.

Experience Points: 6
Players Present: Oscar, Alex, Jeff and Allen


Alex_ adt1974

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