GURPS Shadowrun 4th Edition

Party Crashers

Session 8

The party makes the meeting at the biodome restaurant. They meet the three Council Members of the Tír Tairngire(elf, human and sasquatch) and are informed that their vote can be assured if their employee can secure control over the Tír Tairngire Prince via blackmail or other means.((Note: Slags rival gang leader is one of the hired body guards))

During the meeting the restaurant is locked down by an unknown decker. Water begins flooding the restaurant dome via the four elevator shafts that support the structure. As the party tries to find a way out and the culprits, Slag(in a sealed combat suite) and Danzo(in astral form) head down the elevator shafts. Reeve finds a unusual scuba gear hidden away in the drone maintenance compartment.

Slag and Danzo makes it the bottom and find that the water isn’t being pumped in mechanically but magically. In addition Slag finds the doors welded shut and his suite running out of oxygen. He brilliantly decides to set two grenades against the door to blow it open and the resulting explosion crushes his suite and nearly kills him. Danzo is forced to teleport Slag outside of the shaft to save his life. After doing so, Danzo returns to the dome leaving a confused Slag outside and injured.

The group discovers that there is a decker on the roof controling the situation and is attempting to overload the power in the building to electrocute them, fortunately the Shadowrunners are able to block this access. After some modifications to Danzo’s new gun, Sunny and Robby manages to blast their way through the heavy plastic of the dome creating a hole that is too small to completely drain the rising water. The hole is enlarged further by using explosives volunteered by the other Shadowrunners. The dome’s structural ring is critically damaged in the explosion and the restaurant begins to collapse.

Outside, Slag discovers a window washer lift and proceeds back up the building. On his way up Danzo is bribed by the elf dignitary to teleport him safely to the addition Danzo teleports himself as well. Slag and the party continue up the lift to the top of the tower. The rest of the party scrabbles to the roof via the fire escape where the unknown decker and a sniper wait in a helicopter. The bad guys are taken out and the party escape in the helicopter, leaving the decker parachuting from the dome, burning and unconscious.

After the copter has taken off, Slag drops a few grenades on the rival gang leader that was left behind. He is presumed dead due to the fact that his body was torn in half and fell down the tower in pieces.

Robby and Danzo combine their intel and come to the conclusion that Rex the Sassquach and the Elf Adept set up the trap but didn’t trigger it. An outside party triggered the trap without their consent. Rex and the Elf set up the trap in case the meeting didn’t go their way.

The session ended with the party escaping in the helicopter as authorities arrive to assist.

Experience Points: 5
Players Present: Allen, Alex, Chris, and Jeff (1 bonus point..for being super awesome!)
Danzo is owed some credits for teleporting the Elf leader and Slag needs to work up a new enemy since he wiped out his rival gang completely.

Edited by Jeff Filled in the story some

Slag POV:

Iz keepin this blog short cuz I gotta some unfinished biz wit my “friend Tyrell the bitch”….
Whoev is postin on the bloz above neds to be hammad in da head, but it be a little bits accuriat soz I will keep dis updatz little.

Anyso, I be walkin with da grup in de big clear towr and da ’Horns leader just “happ” to be a wokin as a gard…whatev they pay him fo his bitch azz I don know.. but he tryin to be all toughs n shit.
The littles elf guy and werd suit guy talk alot and i get bord.
Then some shit goe down and water go up de ’vator tube thing.
So I gots to fix da prob lik alway, I jump down tube and go botom of de water but dor shut.

Grenaid dos not help open door but fuxk ups me new shiny armer…fucking shit…nywayz I thik i iz geting magics cuz I want to be outsid and I pop out of tube in da air. magics…i du them nowe.

So I find de lifs to go up side of towr and rids it up. Fukin elf prick pops next too me nd da uther elf mate pops next me to. I thiks me magic gittin strong quik.

Go to top and shoot sum prik and mak him drop of roof..prety cool hahaa..I take uver copter and see bitch ’Horn leads left down in towr. slag fuks himz wit ’grnads and blew him bitch azzzz up evrywhr.
se da link for fa uplod 2 da vid of hiz ass gettin it. hahahah gooods shit da way..that towr got messseeeddd uppppppppppp bad. fukin sweet!

Reeve’s POV
We barely arrived to the meet thanks to the “diversion” mission we had to do to pay off the helicopter. We meet with three princes to procure their votes. I’m thinking a run or two, hopefully milkruns, not too hard, just something to give the Princes plausible denialability.
What type run did we get?
Blackmail of the High Prince… if I didn’t have my fill of elven politics.
But I am considering possibilities of using this for my long term goals. Maybe I can get access to certain files. Just need to figure out away to to do that.
Our Mr. Johnson, the flesh one not the A.I., only attended by V.R.. Right now I do not trust Mr.Sinclair (either version) as far as I can throw Slag. My suspicions (okay paranoia) was added to when the minute Slag completed a sweep for Sinclair the dreck hit the proverbial fan. Seems the Sasquatch Prince and his Elven mage bodyguard had boobytrapped the meet site with both mundane and magical traps. They were going to basically drown us in a building. Unfortunately for them they got caught in their own trap when someone (Sinclair) activated it. Now why they didn’t do ANYTHING to stop it is beyond me (of course Karma bit the Elf mage when I trapped her in the subfloor and the building collapsed, but I am getting ahead of myself) Slag in new full body armor jumped down the elevator shaft filling with water, I didn’t see him until later when he was on the window washer platform with his armor cracked and in pieces. Hopefully that will teach him to be less flamboyant, but I fear the only thing that will stop him is his own death. If it wasn’t for the fact that he is highly effective….
Well, with the site filling with water I checked the subfloor seeing if there was a weak spot. What I found was fused drone gates and breathing gear. I took the breathing gear and stowed it in the freezer so the person who planned this would not be getting out easily. I suggested to our two drones Robbie and Sunny, that since the the windows and therefore the flooring was virtually bullet proof they take Danzo’s gravity weapon , shoot a hole and let the hydrostatic pressure tear out part of the flooring. The first shot was only a minor success, tearing out a divot of flooring. Robbie amped up the power and the new supercharge shot blew a hole through. Unfortunately the output of water was only abaited and it seemed our attacker was going to give an electroshock to the water. So rather than waiting for the pressure to blow a segment of flooring, Robbie set a bomb, but had grossly overpowered the explosive, so rather than blowing a bigger whole, it damaged the entire supersturcture. Meanwhile, The eleven mage took the opportunity to go into the subfloor to escape. I closed the hatch and with the drones help placed weight on the hatch, trapping her below.
I led everyone to the elevator shaft, while Sunny blew the outside door with the gravity gun. We approached the helicopter, noticing the eleven mage had a monofilment sword and had cut herself out of the subfloor, but she didn’t have any where to go (two things: why didn’t she cut the regular flooring with the blade which would have allowed us to escape? Second, I need to get a monofilment blade). We soon discovered it to be under the control of a decker and a street samurai who was shooting at Danzo and Slag. Danzo took care of the street samurai. Robbie got intial access then got shut out of the helicopter’s system, but had determined the decker’s location. I drew all my might into my ability and took control of the helicopter. We all boarded and began to fly away, until Slag took the opportunity to kill his rival gang leader. At least that means we don’t have to worry about the gang of Trolls gunning out for us. However it does leave me with more questions: how did an troll gang leader from Houston become a bodyguard for an Prince for a meet in Cara’Sir where he would meet his bloodsworn enemy (Slag) from Houston?
We are being played here, but by whom?


Alex_ Alex_

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