GURPS Shadowrun 4th Edition

Pound of Flesh

Session 6

While in route to the meeting, they’re informed by Vincent Sinclair III that it’s been postponed. A few moments later they receive a message from Slag. He’s on his way to meet the party with a small job to do. Vincent III leaves them to make last minute arrangements while the party is briefed on the new job.

Slag informs them that with the destruction of the Helicopter, he now owes Darnel a large sum of money – or a favor. The party opts to assist on the favor and move out. The party meets a skilled Decker, Shadow, who will be assisting them and a new drone by the name of Sunny.

They’re tasked to purchase 8 fleshbots from a large expo, switch out the control chips and deliver them to the customer. The party manage to make the delivery despite an attempted theft of their fleshdrones by the ballistic station manager.

The party, after a little snooping, discover that the new fleshbot chips have a databomb that will activate an assassination program in roughly three hours.

They make the delivery, renegotiate prices on two damaged fleshbots Slag accidentally shot and are left with a small sedan for the whole party in a bad neighborhood.

The session ended with the party being attacked by a ECM grenade attack from a window in one of the nearby apartment complexes.

Experience Points: 4
Players Present: Allen, Alex, Chris, Jeff, and Matt


Alex_ Alex_

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