GURPS Shadowrun 4th Edition


Session 14

Six months have gone by and the time spent was doing small transport/security jobs for Hugo.
Slag worked with the group for awhile, but decided to depart with all his money to organize his gang. The Runners have picked up a new member <nick> who proved to be very useful in blowing stuff up.

Hugo discovers the location in Brazil of Sinclair and asked the Runners to “retrieve” him.
After landing in the city they were able to quickly locate him via some local commlinks and spy drones. In addition the group discovered a new member to their group: KiX aka Ghost Boy.
KiX had been monitoring their progress and decided to start helping along the way. After a short while the Runners were made aware of KiX’s presence and were able to corner Sinclair in an alley.

Unfortunately, there was another group of Runners after the boy as well. Through misdirection and quick thinking they were able to capture Sinclair before the other group and head back to their shuttle. However, the other Runners had surrounded their craft and there was a short battle around the shuttle to clear it from hostiles. Our new friend <nick> ran his motorcycle into the opposing groups helicopter exposing a gaggle of riggers controlling what we though were humans..they turned out to be advanced robots. Making short work of the riggers that were jacked in the robots deactivated and the group escaped into the space.

Experience Points: 3
Bonus Experience Points: 2 Jeff (Adventure Log and POV) , 1 Nick (Game Action), and 1 Chris (Game Action)
Players Present: Allen, Alex, Chris, Jeff & Nick


I am no longer the person I once was. Although I recall an unending desire to help my brother, that part of me is no longer in control. Something happened when I became digital and then another change when I had access to the Williamsons computer systems. It was like I had awoken from a dream and now have full control of my consciousnesses. These Runners who “saved” me..I should have some obligation to them right? I don’t feel that..I wonder if I lost some key human emotions or if I truly don’t care. There comings and going these last few months have been boring, oh I helped here and there. Cleaning up some comm static, prodding their systems in the right direction…but nothing major.

That changed once I heard they were going after Sinclair. I don’t know why but I was very curious to see what had happened to him and I wanted to make sure Hugo obtained him. Perhaps its just self preservation..
I road along fully with the Runners this time, deliberately helping them. I wasn’t hiding myself but it still took them awhile to question the parts I was playing. I think I proved invaluable and my eyes in the sky kept us out of trouble. When the shooting started it was exhilarating! Not because I feared for my life (although I am sure they had much more to loose then I) but the fast paced action of making decisions and bringing others to their knees. There were some Riggers controlling took me no time to disable their weak bodies. Make me happy to no longer have to deal with one, I can not be take down so easily.

I think I will stick around this group more. That last run was a great learning experience and gave me something real to to. Now to research some on this robot body I acquired..


Synopsis was good and to the point. Bonus Character Point for the synopsis and another for the Perspective. Thanks Kertain!

Alex_ Alex_

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