GURPS Shadowrun 4th Edition

Spare Parts

Session 7

The party finds themselves in the parking lot of an abandoned neighborhood grocery store being shot at. While the party is occupied with defending themselves from EMP grenades, they soon discover that a Magician is controlling four Barghests into an organized attack.

After a heated battle the party come out victors despite a few close calls with acidic drool. After bringing down the last of the Barghests, they shut down the local node and piece together the operation. They realize that the man they just sold the Flesh Drones to was probably responsible for their being attacked. Through the hacked node in the chip shop, the party discover he’s in charge of the neighborhood racket of BTL’s and part scavenging. They conclude that they were to be scavenged for parts.

They take what they can and make hasty plans with Darnel to be transported back to Portland to make the meeting before the voting can take place. Darnell agrees to send transportation for them at the charge of $5,000 nuyen a head.

Experience Points: 5
Players Present: Allen, Alex, Chris, Jeff, and Matt


Alex_ Alex_

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