GURPS Shadowrun 4th Edition

To the Evacuation Pods!

Session 03

The party find themselves locked into Evacuation Pods on the 170th floor penthouse of the Sanjuanita Enclave. Reeve broke into the small controlling node and begin launching all of the Evacuation Pods to hopefully buy some extra time from their pursuers. While The Face managed the nodes and attempted to keep the Pods on course, Danzo ventures out into the Astral Plane to help Slag.

The Evacuation Pod Slag squeezed into went into a dead fall when their pursuers shutdown the controlling node inside. He decided it was better to be outside then inside, tore down the door and was at a dead fall riding the door down to his demise. Luckily Danzo made it to him and was able to cast Flight on him – just in case.

Slag managed to “Fly the door” down to the ground while Danzo and Reeve rode theirs down to safety fighting off short range missiles and node attacks.

Once on the ground they hijacked their pursuer’s Rigger van and made their escape.

Experience Points: 5
Players Present: Alex, Jeff and Allen


Alex_ adt1974

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