Hugo Marquette

74 year old man, with highly polished and stylized cybernetic limbs.


Known Decker of a high skill. He has high quality cybernetic arms and legs made from a highly polished alloy.

He wears loose fitting sleeveless robes to display their quality and is usually barefoot as well. He’s in superb physical shape.

He has transformed himself to almost complete cyborg. Last seen in Negotiations. The party decided he was just too dangerous to let live and executed him and sold his body to the Renraku Corporation who had put a 5 million Neyen bounty on him.


He’s the primary programmer responsible for the AI on board the ship The Williamson. After years of employment for the Renraku Corporation he retired comfortably in the Sanjuanita Enclave. He’s financially well off and he lives a lavish lifestyle and prefers limos, penthouses, and fine clothes.

He also was one of the developing programmers responsible for the rogue AI programs that caused the second crash.

He was last seen fleeing his penthouse with the party as it was raided by Renraku Enforcers searching for the Bio-Memory Device.

Hugo Marquette

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