KiX- Avatar of a smiling face. AR image undetermined


ST 10
DX 10
IQ 18
HT 10
HP 10
Will 18
Per 18
FP 0


He is the ghost of one of the clones Hugo Marquette created of Vincent Sinclair III. He lived and died secluded from the world in the small room hidden away in the penthouse. He was created to provide Sinclair a body to “dump” into upon his arrival back to earth.

When he died he passed into the astral plane and stayed watching over his “brothers” trying to keep them safe from Hugo.

He approached Danzo for help but ended up becoming a digital construct in Fly that Bitch when he attempted to take Burger Guy’s body.

He was hiding in the network node of the transport shuttle before sneaking away on the commlinks of the party. With the help of the party he was able to plug himself into the massive commlink and networks available on the Transport Shuttle and The Williamson.

With massive amounts of resources now at his disposal, KiX was able to fully form his consciousnesses.

Now that he has fully awaken from his dream, he is learning to live in a digital form free of the constraints of a human body. Time is different in this environment, and equipped with an inquisitive personality he is able to learn and grow exponentially.

An able hacker and rigger..he now has to learn how to interact with “humans” and a certain Shadowun group is the perfect learning opportunity…..


GURPS Shadowrun 4th Edition Alex_ Kertain