Max Ramella

It's unknown what he currently looks like.


He was a “late bloomer” and spent the first 30 years of his life before Goblinization hit him. It changed his life completely. He lost everything. Despite being a late bloomer in a supposed more accepting time, society was still very unacceptable of his condition. He lost friends, his job and was alienated by those around him. He decided to do something about it and took his life to the shadows.

He made a good living and became good at what he did. He built a reputation as a street samurai and managed to survive it. He was one of the first “Street Veterans” and was rumored to be walking away from the business when he disappeared ten years ago. Most of his information on the net has been scrubbed.

It was recently discovered that Larry Zincan is now using his DNA to back up his fabricated past.

Max Ramella

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