Vincent Sinclair II

Good-looking man, in his 30's, 6'1", 165 pounds. He's a medium build and dirty blond wavey hair.


He was the captain and pilot of The Williamson back in 2031. Somehow he became a digital construct but has recently transferred himself into the body of Burger Guy.

This is the now fully digital copy of the original man. He was installed on The Williamson and runs nearly all it’s operations. He believes his closest friend is Hugo.

He prefers to be called Mr. Johnson or just Vince.

It was recently discovered that he was never really fully digital. Hugo kept his brain alive and let Vincent think he was a fully digital construct. Hugo was controlling his brain through cybernetic chip behavioral programs.

He was recently saved by the party by extracting his brain from The Williamson and escaping on their personal Transport Shuttle.

Vincent Sinclair II

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