The Williamson


A massive Colonial Class Ship constructed by Renraku over the course of 17 years. Construction began in 2013 and was completed in 2030.

It was launched in 2031 to very little headlines with all the worldwide termoil. While not the first first manned spaceship, it was the largest and most expensive. It’s cost is unknown and it’s launch was given little media coverage. It was manned by a team of 12 and a passenger of over two five hundred. The ship was controlled primarily by the most advanced artificial intelligence designed by Hugo Marquette and piloted by Vincent Sinclair II. The ship’s goal was to land a colony a on Mars along with cargo and equipment. The remaining crew were to move onto the far reaches of our system exploring.

Communication to the ship was lost in 2055 during the 2nd crash.

Communication was reestablished by the captain, Vincent Sinclair II. He reached out to the party and hired them to begin repairs through Hugo.

The ship was destroyed in Orbital Decay. Only four of the six Transport Shuttles survived.

The Williamson

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