GURPS Shadowrun 4th Edition

Party Crashers
Session 8

The party makes the meeting at the biodome restaurant. They meet the three Council Members of the Tír Tairngire(elf, human and sasquatch) and are informed that their vote can be assured if their employee can secure control over the Tír Tairngire Prince via blackmail or other means.((Note: Slags rival gang leader is one of the hired body guards))

Spare Parts
Session 7

The party finds themselves in the parking lot of an abandoned neighborhood grocery store being shot at. While the party is occupied with defending themselves from EMP grenades, they soon discover that a Magician is controlling four Barghests into an organized attack.

Pound of Flesh
Session 6

While in route to the meeting, they’re informed by Vincent Sinclair III that it’s been postponed. A few moments later they receive a message from Slag. He’s on his way to meet the party with a small job to do. Vincent III leaves them to make last minute arrangements while the party is briefed on the new job.

Escape Velocity
Session 5

The party reaches an orbiting distance in the Transport Shuttle. They rendezvous with Hugo somewhere in orbit. He docks with the shuttle and brings with him Robby the Robot, who he hired to assist him by piloting out to the Transport Shuttle. The party wait in the luxury shuttle while Hugo and Vincent III discuss business.

Fly That Bitch!
Session 4

The party finally escape from the Evacuation Pods and begin piecing together what’s going on. Slag discovers he’s now been contracted out by his rival gang after killing more than half their members in just 24 hours. His potential assassin, Dominick, has littered the city with RFID tags with rewards on any information on his location.

To the Evacuation Pods!
Session 03

The party find themselves locked into Evacuation Pods on the 170th floor penthouse of the Sanjuanita Enclave. Reeve broke into the small controlling node and begin launching all of the Evacuation Pods to hopefully buy some extra time from their pursuers. While The Face managed the nodes and attempted to keep the Pods on course, Danzo ventures out into the Astral Plane to help Slag.

Gimme A Burger
Session 2

After stealing the Bio-Memory Device, the party quickly arranges a meeting with their Mr. Johnson and his mediator (“Gimme a Burger man…”). Somewhere in the confusion of finding the meetup location and avoiding Lonestar their Rigger, a known paranoid schizophrenic, disappears.

Meet Mr. Johnson
Session 1

The party quickly assembles after receiving messages via commlinks that their services are being requested.

They meet at a local fast food joint where they are approached by a chiphead. He gives tells them to buy him a burger and sets down an active commlink on the table. The party quickly network their commlinks and their Mr. Johnson joins them at the table.


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