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    This is a "Shadowrun 4th Edition":http://www.shadowrun4.com/ to "GURPS 4th Edition":http://www.sjgames.com/gurps/ conversion. Any page references are to 4th edition books. Due to copyright, I cannot republish text from any of the books so I provide a …

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    !>http://www.archive23.me/rpg/gurpsshadowrun/races01.jpg! Select your racial template and get moving! To see a full racial descriptions, see Shadowrun 65-67. Due to copyright issues I cannot republish them. [[Dwarf]] [[Elf]] [[Human]] [[Ork]] …

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    This is where you can find links to the latest documents. Any pdf's, gdf's, and whatever other files we may adapt for our game. [[GURPS Shadowrun pdf]] [[GURPS Shadowrun gdf]] [[GURPS Shadowrun Magic gdf]]