Tag: friendly


  • Hugo Marquette

    He's the primary programmer responsible for the AI on board the ship [[:the-williamson | The Williamson]]. After years of employment for the Renraku Corporation he retired comfortably in the Sanjuanita Enclave. He's financially well off and he lives a …

  • Darnel

    He's a contact for [[:slag | Slag]] who can usually get him whatever he's asking for - for a price. He was last seen in [[Into the Water | Into the Water]] where the party took him captive and eventually left him on a buoy to be found by the …

  • Tyron

    He's a friend of [[:darnel | Darnel]] and keeps him in a steady supply of any chips he may require. [[:slag | Slag]] placed a $5,000 bet on himself to win against [[:dominick | Dominick]].

  • Burger Guy

    A chiphead who works for [[:hugo-marquette | Hugo Marquette]]. He's now known to be a clone of Vincent Sinclair who [[:hugo-marquette | Hugo]] grew in a secret lab in his penthouse. He was last seen on board the shuttle strapped into a large machine. …