With the exception to a few unique Shadowrun Positive Qualities (Shadowrun 77-80), all the Qualities listed in the Shadowrun books have an equivalent Advantage in the GURPS.
In the case where there isn’t an exact match, combining Advantages will get the result your looking for. These will be listed in detail under the Meta-Traits.
For those few Qualities that are unique to the Shadowrun world , I have created them and made available based off similar advantages already available.
For a full description on any of the listed advantages please see their respective original publisher. Page references will be listed for your convenience.


See GURPS Shadowrun 00
See Meta-Traits for a full description.


See See GURPS 39
This is the Advantage Ambidexterity.

Animal Empathy

See See GURPS 40
This is the Advantage Animal Empathy.


See See GURPS 89
Use the Advantage Talents to show an “Aptitude” towards certain skills.

Astral Chameleon

See See GURPS 106
Add the Modifier Low Signature or No Signature to Astral Projection (GURPS Shadowrun PDF).


5 points
This is a new Advantage. See S78 for a full description.
You’re so mundane and average, you just sort of disappear in a crowd. You’re is easily forgotten and hard to describe.
Any attempts to identify, track or remember the character are at a -5 to all checks. Facial recognition programs will come up with close matches, people describing your appearance will confuse you with other people they’ve met in the past, anyone following you loses you in the crowd after just a few moments, etc.


15 points/level
This is a new Talent. See S78 for a full description.
You’re a naturally gifted programmer. You receive a +1 to Computer Programming and Computer Programming (AI) for every level. The maximum level you can purchase is 4.


6 points/level
This is a new Advantage Magic Resistance (Counterspelling) (GURPS 67) with the following Modifiers;
Affects Others (1) +50%; Costs Fatigue (1)-5%; Improved 150%; Increased Range (1/2D Range only) (x10)15%; Sense-Based (with Malediction) (One sense) -20% 6

Double Jointed

see GURPS 56
This is the Advantage Flexible.

Edge (Awesome Points)

see GURPS Shadowrun 67
Each level is equal to 1 Edge Point. Edge points can be spent exactly like Character Points when applying the Optional Rule: Influencing Success Rolls found in the Campaigns book. Character Points may not be spent in this manner (only Edge) and at least 1 level of Edge is recommended.

Exceptional Attribute

There are no maximum stats in GURPS. To reflect faster than normal reflexes, see also Enhanced Defenses (GURPS 55), Enhanced Move(GURPS 52), and Combat Reflexes (GURPS 43)

First Impression

see GURPS Shadowrun 00
See Meta-Traits.

Focused Concentration

See See GURPS 85
This is the Advantage Single-Minded.


This is the Advantage Fearlessness (GURPS 85) or the stronger version, Unfazeable (GURPS 95).

High Pain Threshold

See See GURPS 59
This is the Advantage High Pain Threshold.

Home Ground

See See GURPS 176
This is the Skill Area Knowledge.


0 points
Cosmetic appearance is simply flavor text (See See GURPS 21).


See See GURPS 66
This is the Advantage Luck.


15 points/level
This is a new Advantage and is based off of the Magery (GURPS 60) Advantage. Use this advantage instead of Magery.
It adds a bonus to all spells. There are two versions available; Magician (Shamanistic Tradition) and Magician (Hermitic Tradition). You may only have one version.

Magic Resistance

See See GURPS 67
This is the Advantage Magic Resistance.

Mentor Spirit

These are new Talents. Each Talent adds to different spell colleges or groups of spells. They each have the Modifier Moral -20% (Powers 27) and the maximum level for all of them is 2.
You may only have one Mentor Spirit at any time.

Totem Colleges
Bear Healing, Earth
Cat Illusion & Creation, Movement
Dark King Necromancy, Light & Darkness
Dog Protection & Warning, Communication & Empathy
Dragonslayer Blocking spells, Body Control
Eagle Air, Knowledge
Fire-Bringer Fire, Making & Breaking
Mountain Earth, Plant
Rat Light & Darkness, Technological
Raven Necromancy, Food
Sea Water, Animal
Shark Water, Blocking Spells
Snake Making & Breaking, Knowledge
Moon Maiden Communication & Empathy, Healing
Seductress Communication & Empathy, Mind Control
Trickster Mind Control, Illusion & Creation
Wise Warrior Meta-Spells, Blocking Spells, Missile Spells
Thunderbird Weather, Meta-Spells
Wolf Animal, Protection & Warning

Mindlink (Echo)

10/20/30/+10 per tenfold
This is a new advantage based off the original Mindlink (GURPS 70). This advantage allows a technomancer to link to another technomancer. See Shadowrun 238, Resonance Link, for a full description.

Murky Link

10 points/level
Any spells directed against the character that use the Long-Distance Modifiers (GURPS Magic 14) receive a –1 per level. It should be noted that this cannot be turned off (See Turning Advantages Off and On GURPS 34).

Mystic Adept

GURPS Shadowrun 00
See Meta-Traits for Mystic Adept.

Natural Hardening

See GURPS 16
This is the Advantage Extra Will with the Modifier Virtual Reality -50% (GURPS Shadowrun 00). Something about the character’s neural network is naturally resistant to biofeedback of any kind.

Natural Immunity

See GURPS 80
This is the Advantage Resistant.

Quick Healer

GURPS Shadowrun 00
See Meta-Traits for a full description.

Resistance to Pathogens/Toxins

See GURPS 80
This is another varation of the Advantage Resistant.

Spirit Affinity

5/12/20/28 points
This is a new Advantage. Someone with this advantage is attuned to a spirit type(GURPS Shadowrun 00). They become a beacon for spirits. They’re less likely to be attacked in combat situations and, if pressed, the spirit will use non-lethal attacks. Anyone may take this advantage and various Spirit Affinities may be taken.
Spirit Affinity provides a +1 per level to any skills and reaction rolls dealing with the specified Spirit type. See Spirit Empathy (GURPS 88) as well.


GURPS Shadowrun 00
See Meta-Traits for a full description.


See GURPS 46
This is the Advantage Damage Resistance.

Will to Live

See GURPS 58
This is the Advantage Hard to Kill.


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